Health and Wellbeing Targets


  • For every position advertised at Newcore Capital, interview at least 50% of females
  • Maintain and improve, above the national average, employee representation for under-represented ethnicities in the workforce. 

Air Quality: 

  • Newcore Capital monitors CO2 levels within the office to ensure good air quality and targets 600ppm. 


  • Newcore Capital Policy: Allow employees to volunteer up to 10% of their time
  • Encourage every employee to volunteer,  target of at least 65% of the team using their volunteering hours throughout 2023. 

Holiday Allowance: 

  • Newcore Capital has set a target of 95% for employees who use their full holiday allowance.   


  • Organise employee engagement activities that are open to all and at accessible times for parents and people with additional responsibilities.